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In the unique scenery of the Maniototo and native high
country close to the Southern Alps, The Dougherty family run
guided hunts with their hunting operation Doctari Safaris
with over 20,000 acres of private hunting land.

Steve and wife Nicky with their three children Charles,9,
Tia,8,and Billy Dougherty,6, live on their family farm
"Garrawaye" in Gimmeburn, near Ranfurly, which has been in
the Dougherty family for five generations.
Farming 4000 sheep,100 beef cows, with the help of 12 dogs
and 1 cat they run their operation. For the Dougherty's,
hunting is not just a business, it is a way of life.
Steve runs father and son days to help parent and child
bonding and for children to learn the age old skills of
hunting which is a large part of the regions history. They
not only carry on a sacred tradition,but also learn to
embrace the environment. They experience up close the lessons
of life and death and become part of that cycle. No longer
just observers, these children are working parts of nature.
Many children today while away their time with video games,
television and movies. These young hunters take a different
path. For them, the thrill is learning to follow their
instincts and being immersed in nature.

Hunting is a tradition that has been passed down through families for centuries. In some places it is a means of survival, in others a sacred sport. For everyone, learning to hunt is a coming of age. Hunters often consider what they do to be a privilege, even a ritual, which outsiders, sometimes, do not fully understand.
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